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III International Conference «Optics 2003»

Дата проведения : 20 - 24 Октября 2003

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20-24 October, 2003
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Abstract Due Date - 20 May 2003

Second annoucement and call for papers

The III International Conference for Students, Young Scientists, and Engineers prolongs the tradition of regular meetings of opticians under 35 organized in Leningrad - St.-Petersburg since 1956. The topical meeting will focus on new ideas, models, devices and applications, related to the role of optics in information society. The meeting will bring together young researchers, scientists, engineers, and students.

Organised by:

Supported by:

Topics of the Conference:

Official languages: English and Russian
The Conference program will include a Plenary Session (invited papers), Technical Sessions (oral and poster papers), lectures, and the Topical Meeting on Optoinformatics.

Topical Meeting on Optoinformatics - "Optics meets Оптика"


Topics of the Topical Meeting:


English is the official language of the Topical Meeting



Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference. Selected papers will be published in journals "Optics and Spectroscopy" and "Journal of Optical Technology".

Conference Chairs: V.N. Vasilev (IFMO), G.T. Petrovsky (ROS)

Program Committee Chair: E.B.Aleksandrov (SOI)

Program Committee Co-Chairs: V.P.Kandidov (MSU), S.A.Kozlov(IFMO)

Program Committee Scientific Secretary: V.G.Bespalov (SOI)

Topical Meeting Chairs: Maria Luisa Calvo Padilla (Univ. Compl. de Madrid), A.V.Pavlov (SOI)

International Program Committee:

T. Alieva (Madrid, Spain)
S.P. Apanasehich (Minsk, Belarus)
M.J. Bastiaans (Eidhoven, Netherlands)
A. Becker (Dresden, Germany)
N.A. Bert (PhTI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
B. Bosacchi (Princeton, USA)
L.I. Burov (Minsk, Belarus)
M.L. Calvo Padilla (Madrid, Sain)
P. Cheben (Ottawa, Canada)
A.S. Chirtsov (SPbSU. St.Petersburg, Russia)
L. Diaz-Santana (London, UK)
A.N. Furs (Minsk, Belarus)
G.N. Gerasimov (SOI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
I.A. Goncharenko (Minsk, Belarus)
I.P. Gurov (IFMO, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Z.M. Kazakhbaeva (Bishkek, Kirgizstan)
Yu.L. Kolesnikov (IFMO, St.Petersburg, Russia)
L.I. Konopaltseva (Kiev, Ukraine)
S.O. Kostukevich (Kiev, Ukraine)
V. Kreinovich (El Paso, USA)
N.D. Kundikova (SUrSU, Cheliabinsk, Russia)
S.M. Latyev (IFMO, St.Petersburg, Russia)
M.N. Libenson (SOI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
A.I. Maimistov (MIPhI, Moscow, Russia)
Yu.T. Mazurenko (SOI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
V.A. Makarov (MSU, Moscow, Russia)
D. Marini (Milano, Italy)
S.Yu. Mihnevich (Minsk, Belarus)
G. Moagar-Poladian (Bucharest, Romania)
L.I. Muravsky (Lviv, Ukraine)
N.V. Nikonorov (IFMO, St.Petersburg, Russia)
V.N. Ochkin (PfTI, Moscow, Russia)
A.V. Okishev (Rochester, USA)
P. Pellat-Finet (Lorient, France)
V.A. Pisarev (Minsk, Belarus)
L.V. Poperenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
I.U. Primak (Mogilev, Belarus)
D.A. Puryaev (MSTU, Moscow, Russia)
N.N. Rosanov (ILP, St.Petersburg, Russia)
A.S. Rubanov (Minsk, Belarus)
V.V. Samartsev (KphTI, Kazan, Russia)
I.V. Sokolov (SpbSU, St.Petersburg, Russia)
M.S. Soskin (Kiev, Ukraine)
D.I. Staselko (SOI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
A.I. Stepanov (StElTechUniv, St.Petersburg, Russia)
V.I. Stroganov (FEStUnPC. Vladivostok, Russia)
A.P. Sukhorukov (MSU, Moscow, Russia)
A.L. Tolstik (Minsk, Belarus)
B.I. Utenkov (LOMO, St.Petersburg, Russia)
S.M. Shandarov (GUSUR, Tomsk, Russia)
S.A. Shlenov (MSU, Moscow, Russia)
E. Sokolova (TNO, Delft, Netherlands)
Yu.G. Yakushenkov (MSUGC, Moscow, Russia)
I.A. Zabelina (ROS, St.Petersburg, Russia)
V.A. Zverev (HoS, St.Petersburg, Russia)
A.M. Zheltikov (MSU, Moscow, Russia)

Organising Committee Chair: Ekaterina Yutanova

Local Organising Committee:

"Optics 2003", Organising Committee, Ekaterina Yutanova
197101, Saint-Petersburg,
14, Sablinskaya str.
Phone: +7-812-3280082,
Phone/Fax: +7-812-2321467
E-mail: conf_optics@mail.ifmo.ru

Instructio for abstracts/summury preparations

Papers must be written in English. Papers must be 1 or 2 completed pages, including abstract, figures, and references.


On an A4 page, set mirror pages, margins to 3.5 cm top, 2 cm bottom, 3.5 cm inner and 2 cm outer. Use Times New Roman, 12 regular for all text (14 point, bold, capital for title). Use boldface or italic for emphasis only. Single-space for all text.

Manuscripts should include the following:

a. The title. This should describe the contents of the paper, but be brief. Centered, all capitals, 14 point type, boldfaced.
b. Authors names and address. Skip one line under the title, and then put the authors initials and last names, affiliations, the postal addresses, and e-mail address for corresponding author only. Centered, 12, regular.
c. Section or topic, and a form of presentation (oral or poster). Centered, 12, regular.
d. Skip a line, and then begin 35-words abstract (without word "abstract").
e. Skip a line, and then begin the summary, with a conclusion, meaningful but brief, summarizing the principal findings or achievements.
e. Acknowledgements, if applicable. These also should be brief.
f. References. Denote reference citations within the text by means of a superscript number. List references (without the world "references") at the end of the paper in numerical order.


All figures should be embedded in the text.

Submitting the paper

Electronic submission is requested. The paper must be submitted as Microsoft Word (Word 6, 97, 2000) or *.rtf file. File names should be based on the first authors name. Submit the paper as an attachment.
The file must be sent by e-mail to address: conf_optics@mail.ifmo.ru

Abstract and Summary Due Date - 20 May 2003

Conference Fee

The Conference Fee is 75 Euros before 31 August 2003, and 100 Euros after 31 August 2003.
For participants from Russia and Former Soviet Union the Conference Fee is 75 RUR (50 RUR for Rozhdestvensky Optical Society members).
The Fee includes: attendance to all sessions, Proceedings, coffee-breaks at sessions, visa support.


The cost of hotel accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Attendees will be assisted in making hotel reservations in recommended hotels and hostels. Smallest cost for attendees is expected 200 RUR per night. Hostels at 8-12 Euros per night will be available.


In general, both a valid passport and Russian visa are required for entry into Russia, however, citizens of the countries having a special agreement with Russia do not need visas. A visa may be obtained at a Russian Embassy or Consulate.


Saint Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia, is 300 years old. A comparatively young city it has always been famous for its monumental beauty. The streets, embankments and squares are in themselves works of art, created by great masters. A wonderful panorama opens from the banks of the Neva river, which is magnificently flowing through the city: the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Admiralty with their gleaming spires, Winter Palace, housing the world famous Hermitage, the Rostral Columns and fascinating bridges.
During its history St. Petersburg has become a witness to many memorable events and has been a home to many geniuses. It saw a powerful succession of Russian tsars, beginning with Peter the Great who was its founder, Catherine the Great, who made Russia a great state, up to the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. During the Second World War the city survived in the 900-hundred-day siege but didnot surrender to the fascists. Its people restored their beautiful city and now it is an important cultural, educational and scientific center.

The State Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. The museum is located in 5 historical buildings of St. Petersburg, including the Winter Palace - the former residence of Russian tsars. The buildings of the museum, by themselves, are architectural chef doeuvres. The collections of The Hermitage number over 3 million items from prehistoric to modern times. Magnificent works of art embracing prehistoric culture, Egyptian art, the art of Antiquity, Scythian gold, and great collections of Western-European paintings and sculptures are displayed in 400 halls of the museum. Open: 10.30 - 17.00, SUN till 16.00. Closed on MON. 34 Dvortsovaya nab., tel. 110-9625.

The Peter and Paul Fortress

The Museum of St.Petersburg History

Peter and Paul Fortress was founded by Peter I in 1703. Besides the ancient fortifications, on the grounds of the fortress one can visit the Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral of the early XVIII century (architect D.Trezzini) with the burial vault of Peter the Great and other Russian tsars, the Trubetskoy bastion casemates, permanent exhibitions: "The History of St.Petersburg", "The History of Missilery and Cosmonautics. Gas-Dynamic Laboratory", "The History of the Imperial Mint", "Pechatnya" (Printing Workshop); new excursion route "Nevskaya Panorama" - along the tops of fortified walls of the fortress. By booking beforehand, the collection of open furniture storage is available. Open: 11.00 - 17.00, TUE till 16.00. Closed on WED and on the last TUE of every month. 3 Petropavlovskaya Krepost, tel. 238-4540.